STEM Information

Why is STEM important?
Stem is important because our world depends on it. The economy depends on science, technology, engineering and math. Even though other components do play a crucial part in our living and well being, we can not isolate these concepts. Learning and teaching has to be unified. 

Why is STEM Education Important?
Giving all students more opportunities in STEM is the basis for future learning and success. We are trying to prepare our students for careers that may not exist now but we can give them the tools to get the job done successfully and that includes: inquisitive thinking, creative thinking, learning without limits, setting high goals, being team players, perseverance, hard working, resiliency, and being good people.

Two new STEM Courses will be offered at the High School for 2018/2019:

Inventionland - This course will incorporate research, design, protoyping, packaging, licensing, manufacturing, and patenting.
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Project Lead the Way (Engineering) - This course is a hands-on course for students to learn more about engineering methods.