Classroom News

In Mrs. Ridgeley's Introduction to Engineering Design class, students learned about the concept of mechanical advantage by constructing pullies. Students tested their design, recorded data, and analyzed the results, much like an engineer would do. This class is new this year at CCHS, and is the first step in what we hope to be a robust Project Lead the Way STEM / Engineering program in future years. Pictured below are some scenes from Friday's activity in the Innovation Lab.
Engineering students 1Engineering students 2Engineering students 3
Engineering students 4Engineering students 5Engineering students 6
Engineering students 7Engineering students 8Engineering students 9
Pictured below is a visit to Mr. Cirelli's U.S. History class. During this lesson, students were learning about the era following Reconstruction using primary source documents. In particular, students were analyzing political cartoons from that era of history. They will later use this analysis for a document-based question, which is a non-fiction essay in which they will have to respond to a question and use examples from these documents to support their answer. This is what we like to call rigorous, old-school learning. What was commendable about this lesson is that Mr. Cirelli had every student engaged and actively participating, including those who may not have a high interest level for history.
Students in US Histiry
In Mrs. Edmiston and Mrs. Kmetz's Principles of Comp & Lit III class, students had a competition using the Quizlet Live app. Using this app, questions are posed, and students answer accordingly. In this co-taught class, both teachers were actively involved in presenting the material and facilitating the activity.
Students compete in Quizlet Live
In Mrs. Sipe's Statistics class, students used the app Triventy to review concepts learned in their most recent unit. Triventy is similar to the Kahoot app, but has more features, including the ability to use a "lifeline" and have another student assist. We are pleased to see our teachers going beyond the technology apps they know, and trying new ones that might be more effective for our students.
Students use the Triventy app