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Student Assistance Program

Central Cambria’s Student Assistance Program (SAP)

What is SAP?
All school districts in Pennsylvania are required to establish and maintain Student Assistance Programs (SAP) to provide appropriate counseling and support services for students who experience difficulties in school. The SAP team is comprised of school and community agency personnel who meet to discuss students who are experiencing behavior or academic problems at school. The team identifies resources within the school and community to get students help with various issues.

This team has been trained in a systematic process to identify and refer students who are having difficulties in or out of school. Team members take referrals from teachers, students, and family members who have concerns about a student’s grades, appearance, or behavior that might indicate a problem. These problems may include: drug, alcohol, tobacco abuse, physical or sexual abuse, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, family or personal problems, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. Parents will be contacted if the team feels action is necessary. As the parent/guardian, you will be involved in the decision-making process to access appropriate services. The information gathered for the Students Assistance Program is kept confidential and is used solely for the purpose of helping the student.

Who is on the SAP Team?

Cambria County MH/MR: Ray Peterman
Mrs. Alesha VanFossen
Mr. Randy Wilson
Dr. Kirsten Stiffler
Officer Nate Stohon
Mrs. Nikki Makin
Mrs. Shannon Gironda
Mrs. Wendy Mikolich
Mr. Steve Westrick
Miss Lisa Asashon
Miss Lauren Spanko

How do I refer a student?
Students are referred to the SAP team by teachers, other school personnel, student’s friends, student’s family member, and/or by the student him/herself. If a student presents with issues such as those listed, you can refer him/her to the SAP team by completing the referral form and giving it to any of the SAP team members.

What happens after I make a referral?
Once a referral is received, someone from the SAP team will meet with the student to discuss any concerns. (The referral source will not be disclosed). You may be asked to complete a behavioral checklist regarding the referred student. If there is enough information provided to proceed with the SAP process, SAP information will be sent to the parent/guardian for permission to continue with the SAP process.