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Weight Training

Our "Chuck Gironda" Weight Room, was officially dedicated to Mr. Chuck Gironda in May 2018, in honor of Coach Gironda's countless volunteer hours maintaining our training facility.
The weight room is open at 3:00 till 5:00 after school to provide a place where all students can train for specific sports or general fitness. There is a variety of free weights and machines that provide athletes with many options for training. Any team that would like to schedule the weight room, please schedule a time with Seth O'Brien. Weekends vary. 
Safety First!
Our weight room can become a place where youths develop not only their minds, but also where they develop and maintain their bodies for a long, healthy and vibrant life!
If any student needs any help or training advice, please reach out to our Strength and Conditioning Coaches Seth O'Brien, Chris Gallaher and Chris Santini!